How to configure and run Workflow Server

  1. Extract the '' archive.
  2. Run the folowing SQL-scripts on a Database (for MS SQL Server from SQL\MSSQL folder, for PostgreSQL from SQL\PostgreSQL):
    • CreatePersistenceObjects.sql
    • WorkflowServerScripts.sql
  3. Make the following changes to the 'bin\config.json' file:
    • Change the URL parameter to the IP and the port of the HTTP listener. Most likely you'll need to leave it as it is.
    • Specify "mssql" or "postgresql" in the "provider" parameter depending on what database provider you are using.
    • Change the ConnectionString parameter to match your database provider connection settings. For more information, have a look at these instructions for MS SQL and PostgreSQL.
  4. Workflow Server supports console and service modes on Windows:
    • Run the 'runserver.bat' file to run it in the Console mode.
    • Run the 'installservice.bat' as administrator to run it in the Service mode.
  5. For Linux/MacOS:
    • Install .NET Core 2
    • Open the terminal in a folder where you extracted the '' archive to.
    • Run the following command: './'.
  6. Open http://localhost:8077 in a browser.
  7. Upload your license key via the Dashboard or save the licence key as 'license.key' into the 'bin' folder.
  8. Fill in Callback API urls at http://localhost/?apanel=callbackapi to perform integration.