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Workflow Engine

HTML5 Designer, Customizable, Parallel branching, Versioning

Quick overview

Workflow Engine is the perfect solution if you are dealing with business entities life cycle management in a project. Using embedded drag&drop designer you can create processes in your system and manage your workflows via a simple API.
The basic set of elements allows business users to modify workflow schemes themselves. You can integrate Workflow Engine as an embedded component or via REST API.

Supported Workflow Processes

Document Approval Process / Human Approval

Common business processes that require someone to sign off on the data at a certain stage. An approval workflow is a logical sequence of tasks, including human approvals and rejections, to process data.

What's in it for me?

Requiring managers to sign off can require an endless series of emails or messages to verify the status of various processes. Automating the workflow will save time and money.

What does it do?

Helps you automate any process where managers or executives are involved: purchase order approval, contracting process, document coordination, etc.

Data Processing

Data processing is a series of operations that are carried out on data, files, and documents. These operations are traceable and can be organized sequentially or in parallel.

What's in it for me?

Modeling data processing in a visual designer is much faster than writing code. Visualized processes are clear and easy to modify.

What does it do?

Performs actions on a trigger or event. Processes data coming from external systems and IoT devices. Works with files (creates, reads, writes, moves, deletes) and HTTP services (POST and GET requests).

Long running process

A persistent workflow that can last for hours, days, or months. For example, the workflow sends an order to an external system and waits for a response. The duration is less important than the fact that you potentially have to wait, which is the case in almost any situation where users or remote communication are involved.

What's in it for me?

WorkflowEngine is a stateless engine: it stores the states of processes in persistent storage and automatically saves and loads processes. This allows you to execute many long running processes, perform horizontal scaling, and make processes fail-safe.

What does it do?

It helps you automate any process that involves waiting for a response or action from an external system. Includes never-ending processes and timer-based processes.

Core features

Workflow Engine supports SQL and NoSQL databases. You can also choose providers for MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB. Workflow Engine and Workflow Server are unique solutions with the widest range of features that allow you to develop executable workflows of any complexity:


HTML5 visual designer

Design, model, edit and visualize your workflows in a web-browser.


Business-oriented scheme elements

Available elements include: Activity, Transition, Action, Actor, Command, and Timer. Your users will be able to change process schemes by themselves.


Process scheme update

There are two types of running process scheme update: the old process uses the old scheme and the old process is updated in a new scheme.


Parallel workflow support

Split workflows into branches that execute tasks concurrently.


XML import/export

Export your workflows for further reuse and sharing.


Localization support

Translate the user interface to various languages.

Which product do I need?

Regardless of your business needs, OptimaJet gives your team the tools to deliver the desired outcomes.
This is the right choice if you already have a .NET or .NET Core information system.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow Engine

An embedded component designed to be fully integrated into your .NET or .NET Core project.

This is the right choice if you already have a .NET or .NET Core information system.

More about Workflow Engine features

Workflow Server

A stand-alone application designed for a microservices-based architecture. Includes an admin panel and an integration API. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and Docker containers.

This is the right choice if you need a ready-to-use cross-platform workflow solution.

More about Workflow Server features


A low-code platform to build your workflow process from scratch and get going. Start by building a Proof of Concept. Creating a successful prototype has never been this easy!

This is the right choice if you need to develop a workflow solution from scratch.

Download Starter Pack to build Proof of Concept

Best licensing for saas providers

Workflow Engine and Workflow Server are the perfect fit for private enterprise applications, and we also have the best licensing terms for SaaS providers. We set no redistribution limitations, have no royalty fees, and offer full customization capabilities. Plus, a single license allows you to build a single software product, whether it's SaaS or not.

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