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In this article, I will describe the structure of our company’s products. Together, they cover 100% workflow cases.

Our core product is Workflow Engine. It should be integrated into your app using .NET or .NET Core. It has a visual designer to model your workflows and allows to process documents.

Our next product, Workflow Server, is a standalone application. It incorporates Workflow Engine’s functionality, an admin panel, and an integration API. The solution works well with a microservice architecture and could be integrated with any modern app via an HTTP API.

The next product is DWKit—a BPM platform for enterprise apps. It includes a Form Builder, a ready-made user interface, and a security module.

Here’s a comparison table of the products’ key features to help you find the most suitable solution.

Feature Workflow Engine Workflow Server DWKit
Workflow version control
Workflow Designer
Integration with other components
Restful API/HTTP API/Swagger
Admin panel
Standalone application
Security (users, roles, permissions) * *
Form Builder **
Data Binding (ORM)
End-user interface (Custom Forms)
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* Ability to integrate with your security provider, but development is required.

** The ability to develop (No Drag&Drop) the end-user forms based on Vue.js requires Workflow Server >= 2.6.

Upgrading your license

All our products have a high compatibility level. For example, if you bought a Workflow Engine and then decided that you need a Form Builder, you may get DWKit. You can rest assured that all document workflows will continue to work properly. We provide flexible licensing. You may see the available license renewal options on a picture below.

Workflow Server DWKit Workflow Engine


Our company’s products allow you to create any solution for your workflows. All products have a common technical base and high compatibility. You can always renew your license keeping all the previous work.

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