Why Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine is your #1 solution for business applications. It offers a wide range of features, guarantees high performance and stability.

Perpetual license

Easy, qualitative, comprehensible

Our product is simple and does not require any special knowledge or skills to work with. Any developer can quickly write Proof of Concept, using materials provided on our web-site.

Vendor unlock

Expected results

By purchasing Workflow Engine you get a unique workflow component that can be easily customized (no need to build a solution of your own).

Expected results

Vendor-provided code

We provide our customers with the source code, which allows you to make any changes to the Workflow Engine without our help.

Low time to market

Short time to market

Our ready-made engine and comprehensive documentation allow you to get down to development faster, and, hence, hit the market sooner.


Let us do the math! See how much money you can save with Workflow Engine by specifying your requirements below

Developer rate

Workflow complexity


Custom workflow development: 320 hours (development) + 0 hours (options) = 320h * 40$/h = $12800

Workflow Engine: $7000 (license) + 16 hours (integration) + 0 hours (options) = $7000 (license) + 16h * 40$/h = $7640

You save: $5160 or more!
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