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Workflow Engine packages use netstandard2.0, and Workflow Engine Oracle provider uses netstandard2.1 as the Target Framework. Workflow Engine supports the following .NET releases:

  1. .NET 6 (LTS).
  2. .NET Framework 4.6.2 (except provider for the Oracle Database).

The Workflow Engine team constantly makes sure that Workflow Engine is compatible with the minimum supported version of the .NET (LTS version)/.NET Framework.


The Workflow Engine team does not support versions of the .NET/.NET Framework that Microsoft no longer supports (although the product may work correctly).

The Workflow Engine team constantly makes sure that Workflow Engine (NuGet) and Workflow Designer (NPM) packages are updated and do not contain vulnerable dependencies. The team tries to update vulnerable packages as quickly as possible if patches are available for those packages.

The team periodically updates Workflow Designer packages to work with the latest versions of React and Angular.

feature request

If you want to add a feature to our roadmap - please open an issue in our GitHub repository.

New plugins with typical operations support. Such as File operations, Parallel Branches, Loops, etcDone. Available in WFE 5.0 / WFS 2.7
New Timer Manager and process status restore mechanism for Multi and Single server applications.Done. Available in WFE 4.2 / WFS 2.6
Export and import configurations of Workflow ServerDone. Available in WFS 2.7
Forms (based on Vue.js) and business entities in the Workflow Server.Done. Available in WFS 2.7
Library of typical processes, i.e. snippets.Done. Available in WFE 5.0 / WFS 2.7
Advanced process monitoring. Logs for each process and state counters.Done. Available in WFE 5.1 / WFS 2.8
Decision table.Done. Available in WFE 5.1 / WFS 2.8
Business calendars. With business calendars you will be able to set the timers in working hours/days.Done. Available in WFE 11.0 / WFS 4.0
Unification of relational database providers. With this feature, it will be much easier to add new functionality to the database providers and add new database providers.
API for starting and stopping processes in Workflow Engine and Workflow Server.
Improvements for multi-tenant mode. We plan to implement simultaneous work with multiple databases in multi-tenant mode.
Make public the source code of the React and Angular Designer packages.
New look and feel for Workflow Designer - new look and feel for Transitions, Activities, Properties windows.