Release Notes


  • Updated to Workflow Engine .NET 4.0

The following additional actions must be taken to upgrade to Workflow Server 2.4:

  • Run the SQL script update_WFE_4_0.sql for all relative databases.


  • Added localization for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian languages.
  • Added a setting that enables you to specify the database schema the server connects to - SchemaName.
  • The GetSchemeList method which returns a list of schemas the server has was added to the server API.
  • A logging system was added. Errors, debug info and info messages are logged into the console, debug output or files. Logging can also be performed to the Windows Event Log for a windows service.
  • The LogInfo, LogError, LogMessage methods were added to write to the log from outside the server.
  • The WorkflowRuntime object which is always accessible in standard Workflow Engine Actions has new capabilities. runtime.Logger - object - logger to write messages to log. runtime.LogError(), runtime.LogDebug(), runtime.LogInfo() - methods to write messages to log.
  • The docker container that has a server with an ability to pass all config parameters for a setup was published.


  • MongoDB support has been added. This type of connection also works with Cosmos DB.


  • Added Oracle and MySQL support
  • The ExecuteCommand method from WorkflowAPI returns information on whether the command was executed and process state after execution (including all process parameters)
  • The source code of a console application which you can connect your IWorkflowActionProvider and IWorkflowRuleProvider to and perform fine-tuning of Workflow Engine was uploaded to GitHub


  • First release of Workflow Server 2.0