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Workflow features in different industries

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In OptimaJet we are often approached by representatives of various corporations, asking us how our products can help them improve their businesses. We’ve finally decided to compile an article which will describe use of WorkflowEngine and WorkflowServer in different industrial fields.

Let’s see how these products work for different industries.

Automotive / Manufacturing Industry

Workflow Engine is successfully used in complex document management production solutions for industrial manufacturing companies. It allows to optimize manufacturing cycle management, supply chain orchestration, workload assignment and management, stock optimization and distribution chain management.

Our clients: Honda Aero, Airbus, TexmoCastings

Oil & Gas (Minerals)

Workflow Engine orchestrates processes in mining industry solutions. For example it helps improve internal document management dealing with minerals mining and refining stages, stock optimization and distribution management, as well as task management automation.

Our clients: Seven Seas Petroleum, Hulamin, Santos

Real Estate

Workflow Engine is utilized in products that manage commercial real estate lifecycle (document approval systems and regular maintenance schedule management). In other words, it’s used in document management systems for the approval of documents (invoices, letters, compliance). Our clients: BF Saul, CommonAreas, Pertan Group

Banking & Finance

In banking industry Workflow Engine is mainly used in BPM and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions. It includes both front-office (client origination and on-boarding, relationships management) and back-office operations orchestration: accounting document management, asset/portfolio management, risk regulation, human resource management, tasks automation and other functions.

Our clients: BlueZone, Techlogix, Marginalen Bank


Workflow Engine helps manage processes in logistics document management solutions: freight management, invoice management systems, transport service/maintenance management.

Our clients: GlobalTranz, Unilode, Transcore


Workflow Engine allows you to manage objects' life cycles and dynamically define step sequence in processes. It helps considerably reduce workflow implementation complexity level. With workflow graphic tools, end users can change workflow processes on their own. It’s essential, that WorkflowEngine is used both in on-premise, and cloud-based solutions.

Our clients: Itron, ITA Group, EclipseGroup

Health Care

Workflow Engine provides healthcare management solutions, including medical requests processing automation, patient's data flow management, internal reporting workflow automation, surgery planning, prescriptions management.

Our clients: Biotecan, KarlStorz, Nuvasive

Government & Non-profit organisations

Workflow Engine is used in various products developed for Public sector / Non-profit organisations to track and manage request processing (user/task assignment), regulatory/compliance document flow management, external applications processing, internal document flow management (invoicing, registration forms, law enforcement documents, etc), records and data management.

Our clients: Coremain, Accessible Solutions, CrimsonLogic


Workflow Engine offers solutions for insurance companies to manage both in-house / client-side processes: clients quotation/invoicing automation, agents' document workflow management, cross-product navigation.

Our clients: BOLT Inc.


As you can see, Workflow Engine is the perfect solution for any business! Due to its wide functionality, combined with integration and maintenance simplicity, Workflow Engine has become #1 Workflow management component for commercial solutions in .NET/.NET Core field over the last 3 years. Altogether, our business process automation products are used in hundreds of active business solutions worldwide, being operated by both startup companies and Fortune500 corporations.

For more information try our free software demo version and see our user documentation.

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