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Case Study: Workflow Engine for EHS Management Software

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Our customer, ProcessMAP, is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software solutions involved in Environmental Health & Safety and Sustainability management, providing a range of services from solution implementation to training and support. The company’s SaaS platform empowers organizations to manage risks in three key areas: employee health & safety, environment & sustainability, and enterprise compliance.

ProcessMAP required a lightweight and intuitive workflow engine that would meet the growing demands for better performance and become the new heart of its SaaS platform. The customer investigated the solutions available on the market and opted for Workflow Engine due to its scalability, easy integration, the absence of unnecessary features, a flat learning curve, availability of the source code and quick support turnaround.


The integration of workflow engine into the customer’s solution enabled them to facilitate a wide range of workflow activities from approvals to inspections. Our team’s support and the usage of workflow template definitions allowed for an easy integration of our solution with a variety of workflow scenarios that could be customized on the fly. Workflow Engine implementation enabled the customer to facilitate the following activities:

The flexibility of Workflow Engine allowed the customer to customize workflow to fit their needs and increase their productivity easily.


Currently, ProcessMAP utilizes Workflow Engine as an integral part of the Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management SaaS solution, which serves over 2 million users in 125 countries worldwide, who now enjoy much faster customization time and dynamic nature of the business logic.

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