Release Workflow Engine Workflow Server
End of 2018 Displaying WorkflowProcessTransitionHistory in Designer
Displaying process parameters in Designer
Docker container (done in Workflow Server ≥ 2.3)
Publication in Azure Marketplace
Logs (done in Workflow Server ≥ 2.3)
Documentation update
Beginning of 2019 User attributes for Activity and Transitions
Oracle provider for .NET Core (done in Workflow Engine ≥ 3.2)
MongoDB/CosmosDB provider for .NET Core (done in Workflow Engine ≥ 3.3)
Updating library versions (providers/Newtosoft.JSON)
Mongo/CosmosDB provider (done in Workflow Server ≥ 2.2)
Process archiver
Loading DLL for CodeActions
Mid-2019 Action parameter format description in JSON.
Creating an empty JSON object to use it as a scheme when specifying parameter (Action, Condition, Rule)
Oracle provider (done in Workflow Server ≥ 2.1)
RabbitMQ provider
Configuration download and transfer
End of 2019 Fully functional example for .NET Core
Shared process parameters
Scheme templates for reuse of typical process parts
Making UI more transparent when it comes to working with subprocesses
Dynamic inclusion of Action & Rule providers in config or through admin panel
Security Key