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Custom Action parameter control

When creating CodeActions parameters, you can use a custom Type, and display it on the parameters form using a custom control.

To create a custom parameter type, do the following:

  1. Go to the parameters of your action. Create code action

  2. Create a new parameter and enter the name of your type. Save all. Create custom type

  3. Add an implementation of this type to the template jsonform.html (How to use custom form).

    <el-form ref="form" :model="FormData">
    <el-form-item v-for="field in fields" :key="field.Name" :prop="field.Name">

    <!-- other controls -->

    <el-select v-if="field.CustomName === 'Autocomplete'" :loading="loading" remote
    :remote-method="fetchItems" v-model="FormData[field.Name]" filterable/>
  4. Open an activity properties to use your action. Action in activity

  5. Use your custom control. Action params